Cheshire Challengers Little League Baseball is designed for, and is open to, special needs athletes only.Our league enables developmentally and physically-challenged youth to enjoy the full benefits of Little League participation in an athletic enviro

Sponsored By:   The Rotary Club of Cheshire
Cheshire, CT

One of the key ingredients to the success of our league are the volunteers, specifically those we refer to as ‘Buddies’.  Buddies are player assistants who accompany the players on the field and encourage our athletes to make plays themselves.  The interaction between Buddies and players is a unique experience that our organization provides.

Buddies are needed for both our younger division (ages 5-12) and our older division (ages 13-21).  Buddies can be from age 12 or up. 

Please register as a Buddy through the Registration system - there is a separate registration track for volunteers under 16 vs  volunteers that are 16 and older.  Registration can be found from the Home Tab -> Register Online.  Or, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Registering as a Buddy will allow us to contact you of in the event of cancelations or changes to games and also allow you to sign up for games through the Buddy Sign Up which will help give us an accurate buddy count for each game.  Buddies do not have to commit to every game, they can work around their schedules. Sign up for individual games via the Buddy Sign Up page.

Please contact our Player Agent with any questions.

Thank you to all our buddies for contributing to the success of our league!